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The Mama New Story

Meet the Lady with the Idea!

MamaNew  Business Launch Photo

Mama New has grown into a fast growing and recognized online Maternity Store and Community with devoted clientele within such a short space of time .  We know the price and quality of our products are enough to keep people coming back, but we’re also highly committed to customer satisfaction and giving our customers a shopping experience they won’t find elsewhere.​​ Mama New was created by New & First time mother & Entrepreneur Tre'maine Mahalia. During the process of Tre'maine expecting her first child  Zachariah, she understood the lack of platforms and communities' designed specifically for New Mothers.


In a statement she reflected ,'' It was overwhelming seeing so many resources for pregnant women that many failed to gauge between experienced and new mothers''. This often allows new mothers to feel like '' a fish out of water''. Meaning you feel alone, isolated and somewhat unheard as everyone else has already experienced your journey. Although this platform is designed to unify all mothers and not exclude, through our platform we have been able to integrate new mothers together. “A new mothers experience is significantly different from those who have been mothers for the second or third time” says Tre'maine.


“ I  wanted to connect and relate with other women on the same journey as me “.  Tremaine stated this as she realised new mothers journeys are much different to those who have  already walked the walk!  ​Being a New mother you also want to familiarise with women on the same journey.  ​Tre'maine continued to state '' Although so much wisdom, preparation, helpfulness, and guidance comes from experienced mothers , there is also a fulfilment of sharing the journey with a new mother''.  Tre'maine spent several hours flickering between hundreds of online web pages to find out information regarding birth preparation! 


Tre'maine stated '' I wish this could have been condensed or perhaps being able to find  tips and experiences on one platform!


Fast forward Mama New provides an online community for pregnant women and an online boutique store which provides numerous products for baby and mother.

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