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Birth Partners are critically important too!

MamaNew is committed to making sure you leave our local Maternity Store with exactly what you want. With Consultation service, you won’t want to shop anywhere else. We’re here to make your experience unforgettable and provide you with the best tips and assistance to get your Labour and Preparation going!

  • Water spray or a hand-held fan  to cool you down while you're in labour.

  • Comfortable shoes. They may be pacing the corridors!

  • A change of clothes. Your birth partner might not get the chance to have a shower for quite a while!

  • Bendy straws  to help you to have a drink during labour.

  • Swimwear, if they want to join you in a birth pool. Check with the hospital first though, as not all hospitals allow birth partners in the pool.

  • Mobile phone and charger. They can use the BabyCentre app to time your contractions. If you're planning to take photos of your newborn on your phone, make sure that you have enough storage available.

  • Digital camera or camcorder if you want to take professional quality photos or video of the birth and early moments with your baby.

  • Snacks and drinks. You don't want a dehydrated, hungry birth partner looking after you. If they bring some snacks and drinks with them, they can stay with you, rather than leaving the room to search for food!

  • Spare change for the car park or vending machines.

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