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How I felt finding out I was Pregnant whilst I had a New-born!

Hey guys well here it is!

I remember the day I found out I was pregnant again with my second born around 3-4 months! Zachariah my eldest was still a newborn yall!! Newborn usually meaning a baby less than 4 calender months!

I noticed that after giving birth to Zachariah I had started my period as per normal around 6 weeks after birth! My period came after the Post-Partum . And then I noticed I had been missing my period for 2 months! and then we done the you know what! I TOOK THE PREGNANCY TEST!

I remember my husband Nana literally grabbing the Pregnancy Test out of my hand! and it said ''pregnant! Honestly I was so shocked and confused! I mean how am I pregnant again I have a newborn child?

I was thinking about everything ''what are people and family going to say?

Shes having sex so soon after giving birth? I knew people would be noisy and do calcuations!

For sure I know its nobodies business and we are both grown , mature adults who are married and can keep popping out children anytime and whenever we want! But regardless of that I had so many things going through my mind! Post foward I gave birth to a happy , healthy , beautiful litle boy named Malachi.

He is honestly the most beautiful, kind, loving, sweet baby ever! Each day I fall in love with my boys each more!

So to Mammas of Irish Twins do not feel embarrassed.!

Remember the lord said'' To be Fruitful and Multiply the earth! ( Husband and Wife only)

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