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Product Review for SBS Skin Care: Go to Products for skincare during Pregnancy And After Labour

I had another honour to collaborate with Skin Care Company SBS.

I was given a collection of Shower Gels, Shea Butter Creams and Skin conditioning!

Honestly this is the best skin care I have ever used in my life! The Shower Gel allowed me skin to feel condensed, fresher and revived and left without any scaling or itching!

The Shea butter cream is also beneficial during pregnancy , as in pregnancy your skin is left very dry and needs more uplifting with moisture! Also the ingredients

of Shea Butter is Safe use during Pregnancy!

So you do not have to worry about harmful danger! There are other essential oils which you will need to Look out for and avoid using during Pregnancy!

My Go to Skin care product and advice to Newly Pregnant Mother would be the Skin Care range designed and carefully formulated by SBS skin. The ingredients are soured both in Ghana ( West Africa ) and formulated in London , to the highest degree, profession and quality! To order fill out Connect Form or Email for additional details!

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