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What I Struggled with the Most Being An Irish Twin Mom

Hi Ladies This Morning I want to quicky share some thoughts on Life and Motherhood After Irish Twins!

I got Married August 7th 2021 Myself and My husband were so happy to begin our new journey together! Im of Caribbean Descent and my Husband is Ghananian! We got married and have blended our families with the most beautiful, exotic and enriching cultures! Now we have two beautiful Sons just under 11 months apart who share the dual heritage and multicultural spirit of Ghana and Jamaica!

The Pregnancy of our first born Zachariah , Came at an alarming surprise! As we had barely been married for even the first 3 months! On the Wedding night or there just after I got Pregnant ! Whilst on the Honeymoon of several weeks I found myself having cramps! They always say in the first 2- 3 weeks of conception it almost feels like premenstrual cramps ! As everything is coming together!

Fast forward having Zachariah (2022) and Malachi (2023) was the most amazing experience, however What I struggled with the most was extreme tiredness. I would encourage anyone who is having Irish Twins to ensure they have a SUPPORT NETWORK IN PLACE! I was blessed to have my parents who came and stayed for several weeks, A Sister in Law who had the eldest over night as I went into hospital and cooked a selection of dinners Post Birth.

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