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Nesting is a natural instinct experienced by many expecting mothers, most commonly in the last trimester. While it can cover a wide range of activities and behaviors, the central driver is taking control of your environment to create a safe, calming, and welcoming space for baby and motherhood.

The definition of nesting, or the nesting instinct, is the burst of energy women often get in the last few weeks of pregnancy that inspires them to clean and organize the house in preparation for baby's arrival.

When does nesting start during pregnancy?

Nesting typically starts toward the end of the third trimester, around week 38 or 39 of pregnancy or a few weeks before your due date. However many believe this can start much more early!

The increased adrenaline coursing through your system around this point in your pregnancy probably contributes to this final frenzy, but the emotional factors are just as strong. If the nesting instinct hits your nest right as you're preparing for childbirth, make the most of it now — before life becomes too hectic and finding a moment to shower will be challenging enough.

Due to the business of preparing for babies arrival , we often neglect our own wants and desires.

Social Time & Date Nights

Regardless of your marital status , it is essential to have pamper time before baby makes its debut!

It is also essential to use this time to connect with your spouse!

Use the countdown of babies arrival to appreciate the moment which is ahead of you!

Put it this way!

Book your date night and enjoy!

Put your feet up and relax mama!

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